You can look expensive without breaking the bank; it all depends on how you pair your pieces and what you are pairing. There are many ways to look high-end and still have your money intact.  
1.Long Coats: Instead of a short puffy coat, go for a long one. The longer the coat, the more expensive it looks. A long below the knee coat will make you look super luxurious.
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2. Pointy Shoes: Pointy shoes will always add extra sophistication to your outfit. Instead of a regular round toe shoe, opt for a pointy shoe to look extra polished.   3.Jewelry: When looking to dress high end, an accessory is one staple you shouldn't forget! Go beyond costume and plastic jewelry and focus on classic pieces like pearl earrings, hoops, and classy wristwatches.
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4.Layering: Layers! Pair pants and turtle neck with a blazer and a long coat, then rock a gold necklace and pearl earrings! Even if the items are cheap, layering makes them look expensive!
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5.Pair Black and Gold: In Parisian chic fashion, black clothing is a canvas. You can accessorize with anything but pairing black with gold is another level of sophistication. Black and old are a perfect match to give you that expensive look; you simply can't go wrong with them.  

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