Ready for the Sales Time? Starting on the 8th of January in Paris!

Fashion in Paris

Sale time is upon us again! Sale time = an emotional roller-coaster.

It is both our favourite and our most hated time of the year.

 Why you ask? Let us explain with a few examples.

Fashion in Paris

1. The crushing feeling as you pick up the jumper you brought your sister the day before, is now 24 hours later, 50% off.

2. The hand-stitched Italian wool coat you have had your eye on for the past 3 months, but couldn't afford is now in the price range of justifiable, because you are going to save some money on it, and so is naturally 'a bargain' and 'a must buy'.

3. The crowds. Enough said.

4. The delight as you grab the last one and it is your size. It was clearly meant to be.

5. The increasing dent in your bank account. Having overspend at Christmas, on presents and boozy nights out, you then continue to spend like a maniac with your abused credit card, before the money levels have even been replenished by pay day...

Fashion in Paris

Starting to get the picture?

To help avoid those 'mistake' purchases, (because they were cheap), and to help you keep some focus amongst the craze of hysterical shoppers, oestrogen, and those bargains to be had, get a quick reminder as to the fashion guidelines this season from

Happy Shopping! Fashion in Paris

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